Is that time of the year when we are collecting Shoe Boxes 2014 !!!!!! 







Picking up Shoe Boxes from 2012 !!   These are only a few of all were we pick shoe boxes !!





The dream of seeing a smile on a child’s face simply by giving him a toothbrush and toothpaste, or a small toy, was the beginning of Friends of the Children in the early 1990’s. Ever since Homer Wilson went to Guatemala for the first time and spent time with children who were hungry for love, affection, and things we take for granted, such as items for personal hygiene, he developed a passion to send shoe boxes with items that would impact their lives.He invested money, time, and energy, and he faced many obstacles, but that never discourage him. Instead his passion became stronger and stronger.  Even in the last months of his life he helped to pack the shoe boxes and plan how to make the program more successful in order to reach more children in the future. 

Today we would like to invite you to keep the dream alive for a man who had a special love for the children in Guatemala. This dream requires a team made up of people like you who are willing to donate shoe boxes, collect them,and distribute them to some very special children. You can make a difference.




There are many forms of poverty. So far Potter’s House (an educational program that serves 16 communities that surround the garbage dump in Guatemala City) has identified at least eight. We know that it is possible to address several forms with a single gift or act. For example, when a child receives a gift that shows love, we are fighting poverty of affection; when they receive items for personal hygiene,we are fighting physical poverty; and when we provide resources their family lacks, we are fighting economic poverty.


In 2012 Friends of the Children sent 2,557 shoe boxes to children in Guatemala. They were sent to children in school programs, churches,orphanages, and hospitals. Newborn babies, children with special needs, and those living with their moms in jail received them. They were also sent to children who live around the garbage dump, and in the villages in the north, east, and west, as well as in Guatemala City. Thank you for incredible team work that ranges from people giving of their time and financial resources to make the shoe boxes,to volunteers who pack them, and people who distribute them.




We in the middle of getting people involve and collecting Shoe Boxes, you still are welcome to participate in our program, please contact us for more information, or find us in Facebook: Friends of the Children Alabama – Guatemala.




We have started scheduling High Schools and Churches for the Shoe Box speech, letting you know how to get involve. If you want to sign for a Guatemala speaker to explain how to help with the program, contact us today at or 256-6128074.




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